What happens to my Findo/Task Assistant (now Yva) account?


You can choose what will happen to your Findo/Task Assistant account.

  • You can convert your Findo/Task Assistant account into an Yva account on special terms if
    • Yva meets your needs and
    • Your data meets our technical requirements
    • Yva has a record about your Findo/Task Assistant account in the database
  • You can delete records about your Findo/Task Assistant account completely. Once the record is deleted, a user cannot get the Yva discount offer.


To get a demo and a special offer and verify if Yva matches your needs, feel free to send a request to our representative here: https://fs29.formsite.com/tCxNgM/yva_demo/index.html


The offer is valid through August 2019. Yva can alter it after the deadline.

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