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Bots are a big thing now. Here at Findo we hurry up to deliver this new user experience for interaction with our service.  This means we developed bots! Now you can add your personal search assistant to your favorite messenger contact lists.  

We’ve got 3 bots for now - for Slack, Skype and Telegram.

Let’s talk about Skype and Telegram bots first. What do they do?

  • To put it simple Findo bots search your personal cloud for the items you need and deliver the search results right into your messenger.
  • You can view the search results by clicking an Open link under each found items.
  • This link is a also sharing link - you can share the info with your friends or colleagues.

Say Hi! and start talking to the bot. Available command:

  • Login, Sign in - sends  you a link for signing into your Findo account
  • Sources  - shows your connected accounts. Offline data sources like a Mac or PC do not show up as Findo bot cannot preview such files for now and thus do not search for them.
  • Logout, Sign out  - logs you out of your Findo account.  
  • Help - shows Help menu.  
  • Any human like request or keywords  - searches your personal cloud and shows first three found items.  
  • Show more, More  - pull out three more results.  

Now let’s go to  Slack bot. Why is it special? The thing is that Slack bot is a team bot. Yes, it is a member of a team. Once added by any of your team members, this bot is available for the whole team for direct messages. The same functionality is available:

  • Searching right from the messenger
  • Viewing the search result
  • Sharing with colleagues or friends

The best thing about Findo bot for Slack is that it can keep secrets. It will not send anything to a channel if you mention Findo bot occasionally.  

We have just started developing Findo bots, so here is what coming next: 

  • Custom help menu
  • Buttons for frequently used commands
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    William James OKeefe

    Great app

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