How can I use suggestions?

While finding you can use suggestions (or tablets) to make your search query exact.

For example, just click the empty search field, you'll see suggestions like:

  • attachments,
  • documents,
  • images,
  • link,
  • pdf,
  • phone.

Findo has also suggestions for Contacts and Locations.

Suggestions for Contacts work after you type from, to. Findo'll suggest you a person from your contact list, just begin entering first letters and choose one of suggestions you need.

For example: documents from <An...>





Suggestions for locations work after you type in. Findo'll suggest you to choose one the locations you've connected.

For example: pdf in <list of your connected accounts and devices>

You can use suggestions at any place in your search query.

Don't forget, that you can formulate search queries in natural language as if you ask your personal assistant to find something for you.

An advanced example for you:

I need presentation about "budget analysis" I sent to Alex this month

The underlined words in this example are suggestions. Use them with the natural language queries to find what you are looking for.

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