How to create an account for Enterprise?

To start using Enterprise version of Findo you need to create an account for your team. To do that please follow the steps below and our technical team could set you up with SSO.

1. Go to and click "Start using for FREE". When registering, you must use a working email (

2. Email to with the subject "Create a team and activate Single Sign-On" and fill in the questionnaire (with example):

Legal Name:
Legal Address:
Number of Employees:

Business ContactName, Title:
Email Address:

Technical Contact
Name, Title:
Email Address:

Indentity Provider
Name: (LastPass, Okta, OneLogin, G Suite, Custom, etc.)
Domain Names:
IdP Entity ID:
Certificate: Please attach a pem certificate.
Signature Algorithm: Please specify if you have chosen a custom identity provider.

3. The support team will create the team and activate Single Sign-On. After the team is created our specialist will contact you.

4. Configure the Findo application using the Indentity Provider administrative panel:

SP Entity ID:
Name ID: Email
Attribute Mapping: FirstName, LastName

5. Now employees of the company can use the login via the Single Sign-On.

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