How to start?

You have just registered for Findo and want to start as quickly as possible. Here are the steps you will take in order to set up the service for your needs:

  • First you should connect your resources for search.


  • Choose the data source and enter your information for the appropriate page to connect. For example, Dropbox:



  • On the left side in your account there is a menu where you can add as many other sources as you’d like by clicking the appropriate button “add a new data source”. 


Then you can choose any account from the list:


The more resources are connected, the better Findo works. Since we can never be sure where the file is, you should connect all possible sources.

We take all possible security measure to protect your data and your privacy. You can read about them here.

  • Once your sources are connected, you must wait a few minutes (or more depending on the size of the account) before Findo works at its full power. When the index is complete, you will get a notification that your source is ready to search.
  • After connecting all your sources, you will be able to search through all your emails and documents from one application. Findo searches for PDFs, presentations, recaps, agendas, tickets and reservations, images and audios. It searches by file names and the content inside documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and more.
  • Findo merges contacts from various sources so that you can easily search for emails and files from your contacts - no matter which inbox they are in and from what email address they arrived.

If you have any suggestions for other data sources Findo should add, please, contact our Support Team at  

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