How to add QQ for search?

To add QQ account to Findo you’ll need to enable IMAP setting in your QQ account. 
How to do it:
1. Login in QQ in web;
2. Go to Settings -> Account;
3. Find the section POP3 / IMAP / SMTP / Exchange / CardDAV / CalDAV services and turn on IMAP.
4. After IMAP is turned on you need to generate the authorisation code and use it as a password. To do this click "Generate authorization code” and follow the instructions.
5. To add QQ account to Findo please use your email (for example or number account (for example ) and the password generated in the previous step.
If your account was created less than two weeks ago you’ll need to wait until 14 days period ends to turn on IMAP.
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